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Welcome to Lady Gaga Today! Get the latest news, updates and don’t miss your favorite Gaga moments. Get your informations from fans for fans. Try your luck and take part in cool giveaways (coming very soon). Keep track of Gagas achievements and indulge in her past with our throwbacks. You haven’t had enough? Our exclusive content is coming on January 2020! We have planned some exciting reviews, interviews and video content for you to enjoy. Until then, make sure to follow our socials and have fun with our website!

Our site is still being build and we always have a lot of content in store to be released! We are a small group of little monsters hosting this website and we give our best to keep you updated. If you read “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”, don’t worry, the content is coming soon! All of our staff is working on this for free in their free time. If you wanna support feel free to support us by sharing our socials (instagram and twitter) and our website.

We hope you enjoy the content we provide and are always trying to improve what we do. If you see errors, have any questions, ideas or suggestions for our website to improve, feel free to contact us through our form.


Our news section is the main section of our website. We update you with everything currently happening in Lady Gaga’s career. You can also find the sub-categories “Breaking News” ,to get an overview of the most important Gaga News, and “Website News”, where we inform you about new sections or updates.


In this section you will get an overview of all Gaga achievements. Stay updated on nomination, wins and more. In the sub category “Current Nominations” you can check out where Gaga is currently nominated in. Note that we try to cover most of the award nominations but focus on the major ones. In the “Charts” section you can check out all of the mile stones Gaga achieves and all of our chart related articles. A chart update feature is in the works. In the “Era Overview” section we provide you the most important awards, chart positionings and other important achievement of each Gaga era.


Haus Laboratories is the make-up brand by Lady Gaga. In this section you can find all the news on Haus Labs and get informed about new releases and offers. You can also click on the direct link to shop on their website.


In our throwback section we will post about past moments, looks and performances. Especially in times of a global pandemic it can be relaxing by looking back on your favorite moments of the past century. Every year we will create a “yearly throwback” celebrating all achievements and iconic moments of this past year. These yearly throwbacks will always appear during the month of January of the following year.


From time to time you will have the chance to win in our giveaways. The giveaways are funded privately by our small group of website hosts. The giveaways include merchandise, Haus Laboratories products and gift cards.


Our “Lady Gaga Today Exclusives” are exclusive stories, interviews, reviews and video content created by our Team. We will try our best to give you some interesting insights. This content will be exclusively released on our website and socials and we would appreciate it to be credited if used/posted on public accounts.

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