For the past 2 months our team worked on the first big LGT update. In order to present the best result possible, we decided to stop updating the website with news to focus on the project. Our whole team put a lot of passion in the new layout and the new features. We hope you’re gonna like it as much as we do. We are happy to announce following updates:


The superior website skin is finally available on our website. Switch from light to dark mode by typing the moon icon on the bottom right corner! The feature is available on PC, Tablet and Mobile. Please inform us if there are any lags or inconveniences regarding the night mode.


The new sticky menu allows you to change fast betweens pages, categories and tags wherever you are on the website. No more scrolling, just click and change the page. Its that easy!


After several complaints and emails about the some of googles pop up ads we decided to fully remove them from our website! The source of the problem couldn’t be identified so we decided to no longer support these. Some ads still remain but won’t hide any content anymore so every user can enjoy surfing on Lady Gaga Today.


You don’t browse the net 24/7 but still want to get the latest Gaga news from time to time? We got you covered! Starting in may, we will send out our monthly LGT newsletter and hold you up to date with everything you need to know about mother monster. You can subscribe to it down below, on the right sidebar or under the “Newsletter” page. The newsletter includes the latest news about Lady Gaga, a direct link to our website and all our socials for you to follow!


During the past months we set our focus to become closer to the community and create a safe and kind space. This was the plan since the launch of the website 7 months ago. The community space is still in the works and will get more and bigger features in the future. You can create or login onto your personal account through the “Login” tab in the menu. The membership is free and will stay free!

Our community has the following extra features:


Enjoy our LGT EXCLUSIVE content! We produce exclusive videos, reviews and interviews just for you to read and watch on our website. Our team is currently working on different projects for you to enjoy soon. LGT EXCLUSIVE is not available for the public anymore, only LGT users will be able to read and watch the content.


As a LGT EXCLUSIVE member you can now comment and discuss under every post! This new feature allows us to start a new community and be closer to each other. The comment section is moderated and follows a 0 tolerance policy.


Our giveaways are an important part to give back something to the community for always spreading kindness and love! As a member you have an even bigger chances to win merch, make-up and more! Try your luck at our brand new LGT EXCLUSIVE giveaways! They won’t happen as frequently as the normal giveaways but will include bigger prizes. You have to be a member to participate and get notified.


You don’t wanna miss all the future LGT EXCLUSIVE content? No problem! With our member newsletter you won’t miss any exclusive news, interviews and giveaways. Note that this is a different newsletter then the regular one, only for signed up users!

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